India v West Indies at Visakhapatnam, 2nd ODI

It’s Friday, let’s knock this out:

Glamorgan County Cricket Club, nickname: The Dragons.  Another younger club, another club that had to wait many years for its first County Championship, and another Club that has not really enjoyed a great deal of success.  (Seriously: who has won all the titles?)

They are also the sole Welsh representative among the 18 counties in the Championship.


The club was formed in 1888 and was admitted to the Championship in 1921.  They have won three county titles: 1948, 1969, and 1997.  They have also won three Sunday League cups: 1993, 2001, and 2004.

Oh, and according to Wikipedia, they are the only County to have defeated every major test cricket side, though “major” is not defined.

They play their home matches (well, the majority of them anyway) at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, also known as the SWALEC Stadium (SWALEC is a Welsh renewable gas and energy supplier.)
It has been their home since 1997, before which they were quite the nomads, it was named after the wife of the Marquis of Bute., and hosted its first test during the 2008 Ashes (it also hosted Sri Lanka for a test this past summer.)

Here she is, bathed in a Welsh sunset:

Oh, and according to Wikipedia, Glamorgan’s Mike Powell had a rib that was surgically removed buried at the ground in 2007.

Glamorgan is one of many counties that suffered in the post war years because of players that were tragically killed while serving in the military.  Notably, the team lost is rudder, the batsman Maurice Turnbull.   Note to self: writing about English cricketers killed during the two great wars would be time well spent.

Alan Jones scored the most runs for the club, 34,056, in over 25 years with the club.   Don Shepherd took the most wickets: 2,174.

Currently, the team has had a hard time attracting major international stars, and therefore its form has suffered accordingly.

And, that, in so many words, is Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

Special thanks to Wikipedia and Google and Cricinfo for all the information.

Back to work now, until next time.

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