India v West Indies at Mumbai, 3rd Test

I thought I would take a break from the County Cricket write-ups and post a quick and dirty Thanksgiving blog.

That’s right, it is Thanksgiving here in the states, that means a long overdue four day weekend, and it is also why there was no post yesterday.

Anyway, here are the cricket related things I am thankful for this year:

The rebirth of test cricket

The Two Chucks video-cast

Kumar Sangakkara 

The ability to spell Sangakkara on the very first try without cheating. 

The people, few as they are, that read this silly little blog. 

Twitter, generally speaking

The County Cricket Championship, grudgingly 


The Associate nations 

My place of employment for the unfettered Internet access and the free hour or so in the morning to write.  Not only do is it far and away the best cricket site, of course, but I truly believe it is the best sports related site on the Internet.  So many great writers in one place, such great coverage of every match, big and small.  Keep it up, boys (and girls.)


It has been a fun year so far, keeping this blog up.  I started it on a whim right after the World Cup, and I am truly thankful that did.

Now, I just need to decide which County to write about next.  I think it might be time for simple alphabetical order.

Which means: Derbyshire, then, one of the Championship’s younger sides, relatively speaking.

Oh, and at some point I will need to read the full Morgan report.  I don’t like the idea of two fewer four-day matches.  I don’t like it at all.

Finally: this picture weirds me out.

Until next time.

**UPDATE**  How could I forget? I am extremely thankful for my trip to London in March and for the chance to see Lord’s.


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