Zimbabwe v New Zealand at Bulawayo, 3rd ODI

I spent the last 20 minutes or so looking for something worthwhile to write about tonight.  There is the final day of the rain soaked test between Bangladesh and the West Indies down in Chittagong (finally test cricket to watch and it has done very little but rain for the last four days), there is the fifth and final ODI for India and England (big chance for a white-wash, there is just no middle ground with these two), there is the match fixing trial in London which has just entered the closing argument stage, there is the 1st ODI between South Africa and Australia that I am watching a replay of on willow.tv, and there are several domestic leagues worth writing about as I thought about doing many moons ago (shoot, I still owe this site a write up on the English counties.)

(I really love this stadium in South Africa – the SuperSport Park in Centurion – as it has a grassy knoll for the fans to hang out on during the game.  Bring a chair, a blanket, some food, some drinks, and enjoy cricket in the sun all day…much better than a seat in a plastic bleacher if you ask me.  But no one did, so there we go.)

However, none of the those topics really struck at me and for whatever reason, I have a very difficult time writing this blog at night.  It’s odd, as I do a great deal of my writing for school in the evenings, but when it comes to this blog, getting inspired and finding a topic is infinitely easier in the morning. This is something worth looking into, both for this blog’s sake as well as all the other times when I need to write.

So, without a topic, I will sign off.  I am looking forward to watching the final day of Bangladesh v West Indies tonight; hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Oh and test cricket returns to willow.tv on in the form South Africa v Australia on November the ninth, which is coming up quickly (next week is November 1st already.)

(Steyn just bowled Warner – what a great ball! Castled him even.)

One last thing: the 500 word minimum requirement has been lifted permanently.  I think it was the one thing keeping me from posting more, honestly.

Until tomorrow.


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