Ireland v Canada at Dublin, ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day, 8th ODI

I am not in the office today, and therefore I am able to write a blog post about cricket….while watching cricket.   This is  real novelty around here.

Of course, as soon as I typed that, the feed died on me.  So – I was watching live cricket, now I am listening to the XX and waiting for the next Champions League t20 match to start up (Aukland v Somerset in Chennai Hyderabad, hat tip, Erez).

I watched the last few overs of the Trinidad and Tobago v Leicestershire match in the same tournament, and the ground was so terribly empty it almost gave me a panic attack.   I don’t know, I think it would be oddly terrifying to be playing cricket in a massively empty stadium.  It gives me vertigo just thinking about it.  But, hey, that’s me.

Honestly, though, I have zero interest in this tournament (similar to most of Hyderabad, it seems), I am just glad that there is cricket to watch as I kill a few hours this morning.

I have babbled on for 170 words about nothing.

This is what happens when there is nothing to write about.

And, unfortunately, I was not prepared to be home today, otherwise I would have prepped for a lengthier post.   Maybe done my 2011 Summer of Cricket recap, or maybe one of my promised county cricket posts, but, alas, it’s just not in me today.

I did however, google “celebrity cricket fans” and while I knew that Mick Jagger was a huge fan of cricket, I had no idea that he had supposedly snorted lines with Ian Botham in 1986 and that he regularly wakes early while on tour in the states to watch England play.

He supports Kent County Cricket Club, which puts them right up on my list of possible teams to follow.

And, it seems, he also follows Arsenal.  Good on ya, Mick.

Here he is at a match in what looks to me like maybe…1972?

Love it.


Until tomorrow.  

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