Phoning It In

Again, so much cricket this morning.

The third ODI between England and India snuck up on me this morning, I had honestly forgotten all about it.  England won the toss and elected to field, and India are 92/5 through 28 overs.  It’s not going to be enough, if their bowling on Tuesday was any indication of future results.

Their new stud, Ajinkya Rhanae was caught out for a duck after seeing only three balls, which put India into a very early hole.

Can England completely white wash India this summer?  Win ALL the tests?  Win the t20?  Win ALL the ODIs?  That would be a magnificent achievement.

(I should go looking around for information on when that happened last for England, or any country, but I am feeling lazy this morning).

In other home country news, Ireland defeated Namibia this morning by five wickets in what sounded like a very intriguing fixture.  I have no idea what this means for their standing in the ICC Intercontinental cup, and again: too lazy to find out.

What I am trying to say is: I am phoning this in.  Until Monday then.

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