England v India at Manchester, Only T20I

Last night, while I slept, after the rain:  Sri Lanka bowled out Australia for 273 on day one of the 2005th test match at the Galle International Stadium.

Supposedly, the pitch was kind to both the seamers as well as the spinners.  Lakmal and Herath each took three wickets, while Hussey was the lone stand out for Australia at the crease with 95 off of 177.   (He batted for over four hours. It will be a long time before I stop thinking how insane those long stands are).

Looking at photos over on ESPNCricinfo, it looks like the sun came out and it was a lovely day at the ground.  Well, not necessarily lovely, as while the temperatures were only in the 80s, the dewpoints were in the 80s, as well.   That’s awfully uncomfortable weather.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, it’s England versus India in the only Twenty20 match of the tour.  Yawn.

No Tendulkar, but Dravid will bat and here’s hoping he puts on a final show for the England crowd.  He is all class, and it is sad to think that this will be one of his last matches on English soil.  Hopefully, it is less of a swan song and more of a coronation, though he has already proven himself to be worthy of continued selection with his performance in the tests.

And a big day for Broad.  Can he perform as well as Captain as he did in the tests?

Of course, no one will be paying attention today, as it is Transfer Deadline Day (dum dum dum) in England.  And thanks to Sky Sports, that is all anyone will be talking about over on Twitter today.   Oh well, I follow the right people, they will take care of me.

(As a yank, Transfer Deadline Day (dum dum dum) feels more like the NFL Draft than Major League Baseball’s trade deadline (July 31st).   One would think it would be the opposite, but the NFL Draft is just as meaningless, just as overhyped, and just as preseason-y (which isn’t a word) while MLB’s trade deadline is on the precipice of the pennant race and the trades that do happen are rarely meaningless for the teams involved).

Anyway, it’s nice to have cricket back, not that it ever left.  I think it is one of those sports, unlike football, that one really needs a short break from, every six weeks or so.  Well, break’s over, boys.

Until tomorrow.

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