Yorkshire v Sussex at Scarborough, County Championship Division One

Starting tomorrow, and lasting through Sunday, I will be on hiatus.  No new posts until Monday, the 22nd.  This is not a sabbatical or a period of rest, I am just heading out of town for a friend’s wedding.  (I just didn’t want my reader to think that I felt that this blog was so exhausting that I needed a break).

The bummer is that I will miss the majority of the final England-India test.  Dead rubber though it might be, it is still unfortunate. Of the four tests this summer, I have been out of town for the bulk of two of them.

Which brings me to what I want to write about today.

Yesterday, due to normal Tuesday work BS, plus Willow.tv’s rights restrictions, I missed two absolutely cracking ODIs:  Zimbabwe v Bangladesh at Harare and Sri Lanka v Australia at Hambantota.

(Side note: Hambantota, a beauty):

via Wikipedia Commons

I barely was even able to follow Cricinfo’s ball by ball, much less enjoy television coverage on Willow.

In the good old days, before LimitedOvers.com, I was completely satisfied to follow the random match here, the random match there.  I would follow just on Cricinfo, occasionally watching the (legal, legitimate) highlights online. (I don’t like illegal streams, it’s not because I am a super ethical dude or anything, I just worry about security.)

But now in the ALO (after Limited Overs) period, I am frustrated when I miss a match, any match.  It is overwhelming.  I used to love how much cricket there is, now it just makes my “job” more difficult.

Going forward, I think as this blog funnels down into a more specific focus, the above won’t be too much of a problem, but I do need to learn that I cannot watch all of the cricket.  There is simply just too much.

That said:  I will be checking in via my phone on the test match all weekend.  Plus:  the County Championship is back!  I think this is my favorite cricket tournament, domestic or otherwise.  It is too bad Willow only has CB40 and FLt20 matches, and crap Cricinfo doesn’t even do a ball by ball…if only I was at home I could listen to the BBC’s radio coverage…and there I go again…

That’s enough, back to work, until Monday.

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