Durham v Hampshire at Chester-le-Street, County Championship Division One

Late start to the blog this morning, so nice and quick here.

England, thanks to Strauss and Cook (two openers in dire need of a good opening), are now leading on the second day.  Strauss fell for 87, but Bell is in now in and Dravid is dropping catches and it really is looking more and more like England’s day, England’s test, England’s series.

India’s only hope now might be a draw, which would make for a thrilling conclusion at the Oval.  But despite the fact that it is only the second session of the second day, I think India is already looking ahead to the ODIs.  Or maybe they really are tired, and banged up, and ready for a break?  Hard to tell.   Looking forward not to the ODIs, but instead simply to not playing cricket?

Then again, these are world champions, world class athletes, and a collection of some of the best cricketers to grace the pitch in a generation.  I just cannot imagine them not wanting to play the game.

I need to remind myself: this is only day two.  If they can get Bell and Cook before lunch, and hold England to 400ish….


Again this morning, I was unable to haul myself out of bed to watch the first 90 minutes of the game.  For the best, probably, as it seems it got off to a late start.  Just like yesterday: maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend.  In fact, for sure this weekend.  Until tomorrow.

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