I love London.

And my heart breaks with the pictures flashing across the internet the last few days.

Yesterday, Twitter was a mess of admonishments and fear as the riots spread from Surrey to Hackney to as far north as Birmingham.  Following it all morning and afternoon and evening was an exercise in depression.  It was like listening to Rome burn.

These pointless riots, and yes they are pointless, tend to peter out, especially now with the world watching, I expect the police presence to strangle the remaining rioters over the next day or two.  The city will clean itself off and move on.  It has to.  Heck, the Olympics are coming in 11 months.

But, hopefully, all residents will take the time to ensure that what is happening now will never happen again.  Is the answer more CCTV?  More police?  More laws? More barricades?  No, probably not.

Maybe it is simply finding a manner of perspective.  Finding common ground.   Figuring out that is okay that London is multicultural and poor and rich and sad nowadays.  That is not your city anymore – nor is it their city.  It is the world’s city.

I love London.

Hopefully the fires go out soon.

And, maybe, a little healing can come tomorrow, for as of this morning, the 3rd test at Edgbaston is on, despite the spread of looters to Birmingham.  Five days of cricket, after the truce, as the fires smolder.

Up early for the first day tomorrow, see you then.

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