Zimbabwe v Bangladesh at Harare, Only Test (Day 1)

As mentioned yesterday, via Google Reader, I have been subscribing to every cricket blog I can get my hands on.  And holy cow there are a quadrillion of them.  A blog for every one of Sachin’s runs, pretty much.  And a great many of them are well written and slick and humorous and awesome.  It is a bit overwhelming, a little daunting, and a whole lot disheartening.  I mean, how is my stupid little cricket blog written by a guy in Minneapolis who freely admits that he knows very, very, very little about the sport supposed to get noticed, get read, get picked up by Cricinfo Page 2 for a million dollars?

One way, and one way only: write every day.

The above match is being played at the Harare Sports Club in Harae, Zimbabwe.  It has floodlights and seats 10,000:

Oh, and here is your geography lesson of the day:

Right now, it is drinks on day one of the last session of the day.  Zimbabwe is 237/2 and Cricinfo has ball by ball coverage.  Huzzah!

Also, just up the road in Toronto, Canada is playing Afghanistan in an ICC Intercontinental Cup test match.  Day 2 was a complete wash out, I am hoping for some play today, as again, Cricinfo has ball by coverage of this one, as well.

All right, that’s all I have today, not a great deal going on.  Until tomorrow!

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