England v India at Nottingham, 2nd Test (Day 1)

England, as they say, are in a spot of bother this morning.  India won the toss and elected to have a bowl, taking five early wickets.  Strauss, Cook, Trott, Morgan, and Pieterson: all gone.  It is now down to Prior and Bell to pull it out of the fire.

A 50 over partnership would take them through the rest of the day and would actually make it, maybe, England’s day.  But the way that ball is seaming, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw India’s openers before close of play.

I was unable to watch any of the game this morning.  The alarm went off at 4:45am and my brain was immediately in full defensive mode: that is not happening, it said, we are sleeping for another hour.  And so I did.  There will be plenty of time for cricket viewing over the weekend.

Well, down goes Prior. One run off of a four balls.  England are no longer in a spot of bother, England are in whole heaps of mountains of real trouble.

The replacement Sreesanth has taken three today.  It’s a pitch for the seamers, I guess.

And that’s that from this end.  Hopefully my work day will go better than England’s has. Until Monday.



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