England v India at Lord’s, 1st Test

And we are off at Lord’s this morning.  The ball is swinging everywhere, but Cook and Strauss have stood strong and built a low-scoring but safe partnership through 11 overs.  Just wonderful to watch live.  It is unfortunate that in 25 minutes, I will be in the shower, getting ready for a day at the office.  (And just as I say that: OUT!!  Khan lbws the in form Cook and this test match is well and truly on!)

Re: willow.tv:  so far, it is okay.  I had to Ad-Block their “live comments” to avoid having to read 12 year olds say “motherfucker wilow scks india fuc shit” three thousand times before breakfast.  Hey, YouTube, make this easier.  There shouldn’t be a work around, there should be an OFF button.  Sometimes people just want to watch a live event, not everything has to involve the entire Internet community.  I am not a privacy nut, I love the inclusive nature of online events, but there still needs to be a readily available off switch.

Other than the above, the video isn’t choppy and there have been no outages.  A couple audio problems, but I bet those are satellite feed issues (I blame the Space Shuttle).

Re: short hiatus: Despite the fact that the biggest test match in months is happening this weekend, I will be out of town, and not blogging, tweeting, or probably even watching.  Look for me on Monday.

Now, to enjoy some cricket while the coffee is hot.

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