Japan v Vanuatu at Port Moresby, ICC East Asia-Pacific Region Division One Twenty20

*I said no more talk about the associate members, but the above are affiliate members…you have been loopholed.*

Without doing any real research, I am going to assume that the above is an early round qualifier for the 2012 Twenty20 World Championship (it’s actually title is the ICC World Twenty20, I guess. Thanks, Wiki).  Of course, thanks to our friends in Hong Kong last week, there are so very few “extra” spots available now outside of the test nations, that the above tournament is basically meaningless.

Despite my blood oath last night, I wanted to use the match in the title this morning because I wanted to find some information on, and write a little about, the ground.  But it seems there is very little information available about a ground in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, which is here:

Cricinfo tells me it is called the Colts Cricket Ground, but Google tells me that Colts Cricket Ground is in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Google found this place for me:

And people complain about the slope at Lord’s…

But, honestly, that’s all I could find.  And now my screen grabs of Google Maps are having a weird white space added at the bottom of each image, which is really annoying, so that’s enough about Port Moresby for now.  (The first European to see the land where the city would be was named Captain John Moresby, he named it after his father…okay, now I am done.)

I had mentioned yesterday that I wanted to write more about County Cricket, but I am having a hard time getting started on that project.   International cricket (and that includes things like the IPL and yes, the associates) is just far more accessible.  I need to take the time to read bulletins, and history books, and the like.  It is easy, even for a novice, to sit down and write about, say, the upcoming England-India tests, but it is far more difficult to pick up pen and  paper and write about the county game.  It is just so much more…nuanced.

And that’s that for now.  I am happy my morning meeting was cancelled, giving me the chance to post at all.  Happy Tuesday.  Until tomorrow.

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