Scotland v Netherlands at Aberdeen, ICC Intercontinental Cup

I honestly don’t know how any cricket gets played anywhere, ever.  It just feels like soggy rain delay after soggy rain delay.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for the players and the media, but especially for the fans who I can only assume have to take a day off work to attend a week-day match, only to have it canceled by rain…again.

Then again, the unemployment rate in Scotland is, what, like 50%?  So, maybe they didn’t have to take the day off…

Back on the pitch and India and the West Indies are locked in what is blossoming into a thrilling test match in Jamaica.  India hold a slight edge going into day three, but I foresee a fierce day from the Windies bowlers, as well as some rain.

In USA television news, it seems ESPN3, the worldwide leader’s online component, is planning on showing the Sri Lankan Premiere League, starting with the debut match on July 19th.  The matches must be on during prime time in Sri Lanka, as they are actually on at unfortunate viewing times here in the states: 5:30am and 9:30am, mostly on weekdays.  There will be replays available, it seems, but it won’t be the same.

Speaking of SE Asian Premiere Leagues:  Last night I was watching The Two Chucks (more on that in a second) – it was the episode where England was in Cardiff, the first test versus Sr Lanka, and the same day as the IPL final.  I was SHOCKED at the filthy bile being spit at the IPL as the two hosts asked spectators if they knew which two teams were in the final. It was, goodness I hate to do this, but it just seemed a little a little racist, and a lot xenophobic.

Yes, the IPL is a little gross, with its cheerleaders and its rock music and its flash and its money money money. But it is still cricket.

The point is I was shocked at how much hate was directed at it.  I just assumed all the IPL bashing by sport punditry was the English press stirring the pot, but it seems they are simply reflecting the mood of the average cricket fan in England…errrrr…Wales.

I am curious to see how the Sri Lankan Premiere League will be treated – and, well, I am excited to be able to watch at least some of it live here in the states.

Finally, regarding The Two Chucks, I think their show just might be my favorite thing in the world right now – and it could very well be my favorite cricket related thing ever. For serious.  The two hosts GET IT.  The obviously know the sport backward and forward, but they also don’t take it so freaking seriously.  And it shouldn’t be taken seriously, it is a silly bat and ball game played by grown men.  If only the Welsh bile spewers understood that, too.

Until tomorrow.


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