Leicestershire v Durham at Leicester, Friends Life t20, North Group

Honestly, not sure what all I am going to write about today.  It’s 8:36am CDT already, which is late for any sort of excessive cricket-related wordiness, but I don’t want to put out two short blogs in a row either.

In Southhampton this morning, Tremlett has taken five wickets and Sri Lanka are hanging on by a thread at 144/7.  Lots of chatter on Cricinfo about the ineffectiveness of Stuart Broad – some even calling for him to be dropped, as his style is no longer needed in the squad.

I think the calls for him to be dropped are more than a tad pre-mature.  He is a young talented face of English cricket.  He is flashy and sells replica kits.  And on his day is a damn fine seamer.  He will find his knack again.  Goodness, the 2009 Ashes were only two years ago (5 for 37, anyone?) and he is only 24 years old.

Dropping him now would cause serious (I am not kidding) harm to his psyche.  Cricketers are fragile beings and the sport requires a focused and clear head.  Again, I am being serious.

Yeah, he could turn into the next David Beckham, a one trick pony with very little other than his hair and his striking good looks going for him (which for most ordinary folks, is plenty), but I honestly do not see that happening.  He will be 32 when England host the world cup in 2019 – Broad needs to be there.

I would love to talk more about his, you know, actual bowling skills, but I am just not there yet.

And this is where the manner in which I “watch” cricket fails me, as a cricket writer.  Not being able to watch bowlers bowl and batters bat really leaves me in the dark.   Seeing the stats and reading match reports only does so much.   Yes, I can watch highlights (legally) online, and yes on occasion I can listen to the BBC coverage, but that still does not do the sport justice.

Therefore: It might be time to finally pony up for willow.tv.  Since it is summer and there is no football, I can cancel foxsoccer.tv and use the savings to pay for Willow.

It’s either that, or get Direct TV.  And I really do not want to start spending a million dollars a month on cable again, and I really do not want to put a satellite dish on the house.

What I need is a bar to open up within walking distance to my house that shows cricket matches all day long.  Make that happen, will ya?

Finally, today, there are t20 matches throughout England, plus the test in Southampton.  Work-wise: today is going to suck.  But like always, there’s cricket to follow to make it better.

Hey, look at that, Swann gets Jayawardene to fly out to deep midwicket.  158/8.  Come on, Stuart, get the last two.

Until Monday. Happy weekend.



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