Bangladesh v Australia at Dhaka, 2nd ODI

This match is on ESPN3 tonight at 10:20pm Central.

Now, of course, both squads (and their respective nations) will be suffering a bit of a World Cup hangover, so I am not expecting much excitement.  However Australia is always fun to watch, despite their recent struggles.

And really: cricket for free on the Internet in USA really is, ahem, priceless.   Therefore I will watch and it will be awesome.

Meanwhile, the IPL and County Cricket started up fresh campaigns this weekend.  It is difficult for these tournaments to really strike a chord with me, as I really do not have a dog in the hunt.  I just like to see fun cricket and great players and unforgettable performances.  For that reason, international cricket is a bit more of an interest – however you really need to say that the IPL crowds (and the 20 over format) really make it a tad more interesting than, well, an ODI in Bangladesh.

The above will be a constant theme:  how to stay interested without having a team (or country) to cheer for?  And if I have to choose: then how?

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