England v India at Cardiff, 5th ODI

Well, congrats to Lancashire on their first County Championship in 77 years.

What’s funny, but not “haha” funny, is that 77 years ago the world was embroiled in a financial crisis just as it is now.  Which means, of course, that it is Lancashire’s fault that I am upside down on my home.

But really, no really, congrats to Lancashire.  It is quite the achievement.  And it was fun to watch the Championship being decided in the last session of the last day of the summer.  The internet was alive with the county game yesterday.  It’s not dead yet, folks.  In fact, I think the game in all its formats and leagues is having a bit of a renaissance this summer.

Of course, after reading articles about Lancashire, I immediately wanted them to be my preferred county.  But then I remembered that that would ruin my blogging plans for the winter, so that was out the window.  Plus they play their home matches at Old Trafford, so far obvious reasons, they can never, EVER, be my team.

On the pitch, today is the last ODI between England and India at Cardiff. India are, erm, stuttering along at 3 runs an over through 7.2 after England won the toss and chose to field.

So with the County Championship over, and England’s summer international season 93 overs (at best) away from concluding, we can finally start saying goodbye to what was a really fun summer of cricket.  I had a blast blogging about it anyway.  From that awesome final day at Lord’s, to the run out that wasn’t, to the Friends Life t20, to Sangakkara’s speech…so many highlights.  Been a great summer.  Look for recap here next week.

Okay that’s it for today.  I am off to follow the above ODI, as well as Pakistan v Zimbabwe, and I need to read the bulletin on the first day of Sri Lanka v Australia.

There is always cricket.

Until tomorrow.

England v Sri Lanka at Leeds, 2nd ODI

I meant to get up early enough today to watch part of the above match before heading to the office, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happened.  Now is is almost 9am and I am feeling quite uninspired – what to write about…? What to write about…?

Well, the chase has begun at Headingley.  Kieswetter and Cook are off and are running down Sri Lanka’s 308.  Unlike like in Bridgetown, there isn’t any rain forecast for Leeds….

Crap, I had to halt the blog process to take an order from a client.  I guess I just need to keep on thinking: each order takes me one step closer to London.  But that is not the case, as each order takes me one step farther away from my home being foreclosed upon, and other boring necessitates of modern American life.

Anyway, it is only the fourth over, but England are cranking along at over 8 an over, which is nice to see.  Can they go two-up in the series?

And, hey, it is the first of July (happy Canada day), which means that the first test against India at Lord’s is only three short weeks away.  I can guarantee you I won’t be oversleeping those matches.

Photo by Niki Becker, London, 4 March 2011.

That is it for now, I might bless you with a rare afternoon post later, and maybe even a weekend post tomorrow.  We shall see.

Until tomorrow.