Canada v Afghanistan at King City, ICC Intercontinental Cup

In non-cricket news:  happy anniversary to my lovely bride, and my loyal reader.  Nine years down, nine years to go.  (I make this joke every year, and every year it is HILARIOUS.)

In the world of cricket, not a great deal going on, however.  Still fallout galore from the 2nd test at Trent Bridge:  Ganguly is calling out the India players for being soft, Flower and Strauss are stridently defending their actions in the run-out-that-never-was scandal (anyone else get the sinking feeling that we are going to be talking about that for years and years and years?), Yuvraj and Harbhajan are out for the final two tests for India (no 100th cap for you, Harbhajan, not yours), and the world waits with bated breath on news on Zaheer, Gambhir, and Sehwag (who supposedly, according to Twitter, is on his way to England as I type).

Speaking of Twitter, yesterday MS Dhoni apologized, via a tweet, to Indian fans everywhere (well more correctly, he apologized to his 62,000 followers, or about .0001% of Indian fans everywhere) for his performance in the first two tests and promised a comeback in the final two.  Now, I like Dhoni, he is a proven winner, but I honestly think he is fooling himself.  Unless the big three mentioned above come back and are at least 90% fit, this England team is streets ahead of them.  And considering all England need to do is draw the final two tests to overtake them in the world test rankings, well, I would be more than shocked if India were able to come back and win the final two tests.

But: they are the world champions. And they still are the number one test team on the planet.  So maybe a tad early for me to count them out.

Also, in the news, the ECB has added two t20s for England in October versus the West Indies.  These are leftover matches that should have happened this summer before that Sanford fella stole all the money in the Caribbean and went to jail.  The players are rankled, of course, and I would be too.  That’s a lot of cricket.

And, honestly, I am coming to realize that international t20 does nothing for me.  The thought of it bores me to tears.  And while I like ODIs just fine, I think I am a test fan through and through.  To paraphrase Wright Thompson, yes that Wright Thompson:  walk out, flip a coin, and then play cricket for five days.  Just a brilliant form of a brilliant game.

I like the domestic t20 tournaments, even the dreaded IPL, but I cannot imagine I will watch many international 20over matches in the near future.

Is it time to change the name of this blog?

(It’s funny, now that I mention it, I went through last night and subscribed via Google Reader to as many cricket blogs as I could.  The game just lends itself so easily to great blog titles:  99.94, Deep Backward Point, Different Strokes, The Reverse Sweep, Short Third Man, Well Pitched, just to name a few.)

And, well, no, I am not changing it now.  I have a brand damn it!  (No, actually, I don’t).

Finally, this morning, the Sri Lanka-Australia starts up on the 6th with the first of two, well, t20s, of course.  Followed by five ODIs and three testes.  And the first and only test between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (Wright, are you there, Wright?) starts tomorrow, followed by five ODIS.

Both should be cracking series.  Unfortunately, as I have already whined, I will be able to watch exactly none of it.  Just me and Cricinfo for these two.  Oh well.

Okay back to work.  Until tomorrow.


Glamorgan v Essex at Cardiff, County Championship Division Two

First of all, ever since, oh, about 2006, I have been vehemently anti-ESPN.

Allow me to qualify that: I love Cricinfo, it is an absolutely wonderful sports website. Probably the best in the business, no matter the sport of focus. But it was wonderful before the Worldwide Leader swallowed it whole.

And I will admit that I get most of my football news from ESPNsoccernet, but I think that is simply out of laziness. The site is navigable and clean and has everything I need, but I bet I could get better information elsewhere just as easily.

Finally, is one of the greatest inventions ever. It is something ESPN does very, very, very well.

But when it comes to their flagship channels and their flagship website: I do not watch and I do not visit (again with a qualification: when Arsenal are on ESPN2, I do watch).

Thankfully, I do not have cable, and therefore can avoid the utter trash that the channels have become. It is celebrity gossip based bullshit these days with an extreme east coast bias. The website is more of the same.

And from what I have heard, the magazine is trash, as well.

Therefore, despite the fact that I consider myself well read and well informed when it comes to sports, both American and otherwise, I seriously have no idea who the fuck Wright Thompson is.

Up until last night, that is.

The irony of this indignation will become clear very soon.

Last night I listened to Sam and Jarrod (aka, the Two Chucks) interview “Wright” at Lord’s during the first test. (I also listened to them interview Ravi Shastri and it was very obvious that the normally cool Sam Collins was more than a little intimidated, it took him 10 minutes before he asked a question that was not of the yes or no variety, but I digress), and it seems “Wright”, a Mississippi born writer for and ESPN the Magazine, had been sent over to “cover” the first test for ESPN, in order to write an article about test matches. He has written a couple different articles already, one on the World Cup and one on Bangladeshi cricket, EVEN THOUGH UP UNTL APRIL HE HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD OF SACHIN TENDULKAR*.

I don’t mean to get all old man on you, but it was so frustrating to listening to this hick (albeit a very nice hick) make jokes about English teeth and English smiles in the home of cricket. I am sure there are several well respected American Sports Journalists who know who the fuck Sachin Tendulkar is and would be able to write wonderful articles about tests and Sachin and Bangladesh, but instead the Worldwide Leader sent this fish out of water who seemed to be drinking his way through day 3 to cover the 2000th test, at Lord’s, involving the two best cricket teams in the world, not to mention featuring the greatest batsman to ever live.

It was an insult to cricket, it was an insult to Sachin, it was an insult to Lord’s, and it was an insult to’s domestic readership. One more black mark on the Worldwide Leader, it seems.

Entertaining interview, however. Great job, Chucks. And the Shastri interview was brilliant. Initially I thought Sam just sucked at interviewing, but he seemed to relax as it went on. I still do not believe Ravi about the Shastribot.

Oh, and on the pitch: England destroyed a poor India in four days. This series might very well be over. Unfortunate.

Until tomorrow.

*I freely admit that this is 50% cricket’s fault, and 50% Wright’s fault.

England v India at Nottingham, 2nd Test (Day 4)

I woke up this morning and thought:  you know, if India can bowl out England before lunch, that gives them a day and a half to score 450-500 on a flat deck with Dravid and Tendulkar and Laxman.  And I thought: this is doable.  This is more than doable, in fact.

And then I woke up at seven am to see that India had bowled out England before lunch, but unfortunately Dravid had fallen early, and for me not only was that the match, but the series, as well.

As I type this, India are 53/4 and still need another 429.  Laxman, Mukund, and Raina are gone.  However, Tendulkar, the best batsman in the history of cricket is at the crease.  England will need a Herculean effort to take his wicket, but considering India’s massively long tail they might not need to.  Here’s hoping that we get a day five, because India’s only hope might be the 50% chance of showers tomorrow.

I am not going to write a great deal about the “run out that never was.”   At first, I thought it was simply brilliant on the part of India.  It was something one would never see in any other sporting contest on the planet.

But then, on the same note, I was disappointed, because it might have cost India the match, and thereby the series.  India should have been a tad more cold hearted, should have taken the moment by the throat and strangled England into an even series.

But, finally, I was just bored.  So much wonderful cricket happening right now, but this is all we are going to talk about for days on end.

On a housekeeping note: I had to move desks at work, and therefore I have lost a little of the privacy I formerly enjoyed. This might very well affect my blogging, we shall see.  If it starts to go pear shaped, I will have to start blogging in the evenings.

Until tomorrow.